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Safeguarding & Vulnerability Policy & Procedures



Key Principles and Values: Our Commitment

St Peter's recognises its role in supporting children and adults at risk to achieve their full potential and be protected from exploitation, abuse and maltreatment. All adults within the Church of England have a responsibility to act and intervene to achieve the above. To this end we are committed to the following:

  • We will act in an open and transparent way in working in partnership with the statutory agencies to safeguard those at risk and bring to justice anyone who has harmed a child or adult.
  • Any person who brings an issue to the attention of the parish and the diocese will be treated with respect and their issue taken seriously. All concerns will be dealt with in a timely manner in accordance with procedures.
  • Appropriate pastoral care will be made available to children and their families and to other relevant people where there have been concerns or allegations expressed.
  • The parish will promote the well-being of adults within the Church, recognising that adults have the right to be protected from harm and exploitation, but also recognising that adults have the right to independence that involves a degree of risk.
  • We will act within the guidance set out in Working Together to Safeguard Children (March 2015) and within the framework set out in the guidance in Section 3 of ‘No Secrets’ (DoH 2000) and other relevant legislative documents (please see “Safe in Our Care” p2 for a full list).
  • Where there are points of difference in updates, the legislation will take precedence over these procedures.

Additionally, we will have in place arrangements which include:

  • codes of practice
  • procedures to respond to and report concerns
  • safe recruitment procedures (see separate “Safe Recruitment” policy)
  • information sharing arrangements
  • appropriate supervision and support for staff, including safeguarding training