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Safeguarding & Vulnerability Policy & Procedures



Pastoral Support

When an incident occurs within a Church context many people can be affected. It is important that the Church can recognise who might need support and how to respond pastorally.

During an investigation the child or adult and their family will usually require support. All those affected by allegations of abuse by an adult acting in a church capacity within any parish, congregation or other setting within the Diocese, are entitled to be treated with care and respect. As soon as a situation arises or an incident becomes known, the Diocesan Vulnerability and Safeguarding Officer will draw up a list of all those affected and co-ordinate the provision of appropriate pastoral support. This may include an alleged victim, their family, alleged perpetrator, their family, the clergy, parish workers, any witnesses, and the parish community. (See Diocese of Chester's “Safe in Our Care” page 14 for further information.)