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Safeguarding & Vulnerability Policy & Procedures



The Purpose of this Document

The purpose of this document is to:

  • help workers to respond appropriately to concerns/allegations
  • prepare workers to encounter children who have been harmed
  • promote good practice by reducing the risk of someone harming a child in the course of their work within the parish

St Peter's PCC and individual workers should see very clearly the necessity for care in selection of, helpful support for, and a continued interest in, all workers who have contact with children.

Children and young people are vulnerable; and they need to be able to trust the adults around them if they are to grow up unharmed. If children and young people cannot trust St Peter's or the wider Church, they might never be able to trust God - or themselves.

Divergence from, or neglect of, the Diocesan Child Protection Guidelines, could put St Peter's PCCs insurance cover at risk.