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Getting to know each other, getting involved



The Friday Night Youth Project

Our thriving youth group is looking for help to enable us to expand

In just two years, the Friday Night Youth Project has grown from a tiny seed to a flourishing tree, and as our numbers grow, so does our need for adult helpers. There is a legal ratio of adult to child and we hate it when we have to turn youngsters away because we don't have enough adults helping.... Volunteering with the FNYP is very satisfying. Loved by both parents and youngsters, the FNYP keeps us in touch with the next generation's world view - and it's never ever dull. Could you join us? Talk to Andrea: call 07586 358610 or email

New Church Electoral Roll

A new edition of the Church Electoral Roll has been published and is on display at the back of church.  Parishioners may still apply to join the Roll and they will be included in a future publication.  Please fill in an application form available from the church wardens, All Church Office holders are required to be on the Electoral Roll.

Afternoon Tea

Monday 18 March 2.30pm St Peter's Rooms

Andrew Toman will show some of his very special photographs.  Tea, cake and raffle as usual.  Everyone welcome!

APCM Bring and share lunch

Sunday 24 March St Peter's Rooms

There will be a bring and share lunch after the APCM.  If you'd like to make a contribution to the food please add your name and details of what food you will bring to one of the lists in Church or the Rooms - anything you would like to bring along will be warmly appreciated.

P&J Social

Wednesday 27 March

2.00pm St Peter's Rooms

Our lively and popular social group for those with a diagnosis of memory loss and their partner or carer has a few spaces for new people.  Call Anne first 077999 862 035.

Making our church welcoming

Lent groups: Tuesdays 7.30pm

Our 'welcomers' do a great job as people arrive, but are there other ways we could ensure that everyone who tries out a visit to church feels completely accepted and welcome?  Everybody welcome is our Lent course this year - its premise, that the warmth of our welcome is up to each one of us!  Do not fear, this is not a course reserved for the out-going and fearless (!) but a way of looking at everything we do in sometimes very tiny ways, that make people feel at home  It will bring us a fresh perspective took as we look at our church as though through the eyes of a visitor.  With videos, discussion and tea, coffee and cake afterwards - and a very warm welcome!

Soup lunches during Lent

Wednesday 20 March

12 noon - 2pm St Peter's Rooms

Everyone is welcome to lunch in St Peter's Rooms every Wednesday until Easter.  A simple lunch of soup and a roll, tea and coffee.  No charge is made, just a donation to Christian Aid.

Church library

There is a small library of books upstairs in St Peter's Rooms.  Do have a look and borrow a book if you wish.  It is very informal - just fill in the borrowing record book please.

Envelope giving

If you currently give by weekly envelopes, please collect your new box of 2019 envelopes from the back of church - they are available now.

Lounge sessions, unplugged...

Third Sunday of each month

Do you strum along at home or sing in the car to the radio?  Have a dusty instrument that you used to play?  Enjoy playing or used to play in a small group?  On the third Sunday of each month at 7.45pm we will be holding lounge sessions, unplugged, in the St Peter's Rooms.  Just turn up, with or without an instrument.  There is no requirement to read music if you usually play or sing without and there is no commitment to play in services.  Come and join us to explore and practice contemporary Christian worship songs in a relaxed environment.

Shelter during our bleakest weather 

from December through until March

The WHAM (Winter Hope Assistance in Macclesfield) project is one way we can show the love of God in a very practical way to men who would otherwise be sleeping rough in our town.  Last year in Macclesfield WHAM provided shelter in various church buildings between December and March during one of the worst winters of weather.

If you feel God might be calling you to volunteer in this type of role or just want to know more, contact Richard Ainley or telephone 07874 852762.  Full training and support will be given.

All Together Singers are flourishing

(and there's still room for more)

It's being a great joy to see - and hear - the different people who've been gathering to sing as part of the All Together Singers.  From the young to the not-so-young, this is a group for everyone - anyone who loves to sing God's praise - and there is always room for more of you.  Whatever your love for music, whether it's singing or playing an instrument, whether you love contemporary songs or the Anglican choral tradition, there is a place for you in church to flourish too.  Just talk to Andrew.

Cross Canada Cycle Challenge 2019

3-9 May: See the Rockies and raise funds for The Message

Who feels up to a fabulous, if gruelling, seven days cycling through vast swathes of Canada, including the magnificent Rockies?

This amazing adventure is an initiative from The Message to support their work with what they call the hardest to reach - young people.  The group started locally in Manchester in 1988 and has flourished.

Their aim is simple, to share the gospel and transform lives; in schools through music, dance and theatre; in the most deprived areas by building community; and in prisons, often through practical ways of helping to break the poisonous cycle of reoffending.  They speak in a language that youngsters understand at a time when the most basic understanding of Jesus is often entirely absent.

If you'd like to find out more, check out their website: and search for Cross Canada Cycle Challenge 2019.  We have some very fit folks in our congregation - this might be just the way to have a wonderful, guilt-free trip!

Do you love books?

(and do you have a good sense of order?!)

Upstairs in the balcony area of St Peter's Rooms (called Galilee) you will discover a growing library of Christian books - many from Elizabeth and David Briggs when they moved south - and we need a simple system so that people can borrow these books.  Does sorting and cataloguing everything sound like a task that would engage you?  It would be very satisfying to complete!

For generations reading Christian books has been one of the ways Christians grow in their faith - through biographies, devotional books, help with prayer and apologetics, as well as Bible commentaries or Christian lifestyle issues.  If you think this might be something you could enjoy, please talk to Patrick or one of the ministry team.

Sustainable shopping bags for sale 

- a tiny step to stop damaging God's earth

These strong, recycled jute shopping bags are good in three ways.  They're far better than lethal plastic, they support Hope in North-east Cheshire, and they are one more small way to follow the Church's fifth mark of mission, which is to look after this beautiful earth that God has blessed us with.  Minimum price for each bag is £1.50 (the cost of production), but if you'd like to give more, that would be great!

Do you love to sing? Or play?

Would you like to join the music group?

The music group enjoys a glorious blend of voices and instruments as it leads us in morning worship, roughly twice a month.  At any one time we may have singers, keyboards, guitars, clarinet, violin...... Pretty much every instrument is welcome to the mix, bringing variety to the music as well as joy.  If you have a musician inside wondering whether to emerge, please talk to Andrew, Patrick or one of the music group.

Do you enjoy coffee after morning services?

It's lovely to see friendly faces making our coffees but have you noticed how often they are the same friendly faces?  It would be really good if we could share this easy task out a bit more.  Pop your name down on the rota and join in!

Many thanks

Special and All Services in the next few weeks:

For Special Services coming soon at our churches see webcalendar on this page: "Special Services"

For all Services coming soon at our 3 churches see webcalendar on this page: "The Next Four Weeks"

You can also view The Rota

Join the Holy Dusters/ Coffee Makers/Helpers

Can you spare.....

One hour a month … to join in with a worship service at a local care home (11.00am the last Friday of each month)

One hour a week, or every other week – to join our Holy Dusters and Oddjobbing Team (11.45am every Thursday for just an hour)

Interested? Put your name and contact
details into the red post-box at the back
of church – we will be in touch!

And coffee-making too … Bill is putting
together a rota of people to make coffee
after the morning service – please
sign up on the list.

Weekly thoughts from the vicar:

Each week our vicar publishes his "thoughts" in the Sunday Worship Sheet at St Peter's. This link: Weekly thoughts from the vicar takes you to his last three messages.

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