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It's been an exciting month with special services and activities for Holy Week and Easter. There has also been the Bishops' visit to St Peter's, St John's and the Church of the Resurrection. Look out for photos from these and other exciting events in church life throughout the Newsletter.

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Our Churchyard: Tidy-up Working Party Saturday14 May 9.00am - 12noon

Call to Volunteers!work party oct 1
Lots to do to prepare for summer. All ages welcome! Tasks will be allocated accordingly.
Bacon (or bacon-free bacon) butties will be provided.
Please let Steve Hill (07768 757593) or the Parish Office (01625 827625) know in advance if you can come.


Christian Aid Week

So, it’s time to walk, run or cycle the Zambezi river! You may remember that last year we collectively walked “from Land’s End to John O’Groats”, which contributed towards the £2850 we raised as a church. With the focus of Christian Aid Week being on Zimbabwe this year, we have decided to walk, run and cycle the length of the Zambezi river, which is 1600 miles or 2574 km. Quite a challenge! In order to achieve this, we would like people to pledge to join us and contribute any distance they walk, run or cycle over the period from Saturday 14 May to Sunday 22 May.

We will set up a Whatsapp group where you can post your distances as you do them, and a Justgiving page where people can donate to support us. You don’t have to be especially fit or sporty – all distances count, even if it’s just a daily walk to the Coop to buy your paper.

As part of the Zambezi walk effort, and as a fun social activity, there will be a church walk on the morning of Saturday 21 May: we hope to walk to Adlington church on a largely off-road route. There will be a list to sign up in church shortly for this and the Zambezi walk, or just speak to a hub member (see names below).

In addition, during Christian Aid Week, we will deliver envelopes to many houses in the village. As over the last couple of years, they won’t be collected unless there is a special need, but we will ask people to drop them off at collection point houses close to their own address, or at the parish office. If you are able to offer your house as a collection point, or to deliver envelopes (and clock up a few miles as you go!), we would love to hear from you.

wild church o7Church will also be holding a special Christian Aid Week Wild Church service at 10.30 am on Sunday 22 May in the churchyard, to worship God and pray about the issues facing Zimbabwe and other countries in the world: famine arising from the combined effects of the climate crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic, conflict and drought.

So please help us turn hunger into hope this month. For more information, look at Christian Aid’s website here:
And do speak to any of the hub members if you can help in any way: Kate Collins, Richard Curry, Steve Hill and Helen Howe. Or you can contact us via the Parish Office. Thank you!

Saturday emailsMay nl Donkeys

Every time I write the emails to invite you into church the next day, I think of those of you who are particularly on my mind. Because they are unwell, or struggling, or isolated – or at the other extreme, those rejoicing over a new baby, a new job, a restored relationship… I’m only too aware that these emails are flying into a myriad of situations – stressed, anxious, happy, excited…
So this is simply to say that if at any time an email jars, I am sorry. Maybe one full of joy that grates when you’re sad, or one that challenges when the last thing you want is more questions.
May nl Good Friday crossWhat is consistent though is the invitation to worship – a freedom that we can so easily take for granted.

We can bring our sorrows and regrets to God, we can share our delights and celebrations, we are blessed to be part of a Church family who will walk with us in the dark times, who’ll rejoice with us in the good.

So when you get your email, please remember that whatever your circumstances, you are one of God’s beloved children, and you’re part of a Church family that does its best to live in that love.

Mothers' Union May nl MU3

At our last MU meeting on 11 April, we constructed a beautiful Easter Garden which has been on display and has been a great talking point in church over the busy days of Easter and beyond. We have received so many compliments. Congratulations to everyone who helped put this together.
May nl MU1We made teacup Easter gardens too, took some home and gave some away. A chance idea that turned into something really special!

Look out for photos in this newsletter.May nl MU2

At our next Mothers’ Union meeting:

Monday 9 May 2.00pm

Money, money, money!!

Val Goss will talk with us about our financial well-being.
Everyone is very welcome to our Mothers’ Union meetings.
Do come along and join us! 

Enjoy coffee and a chat on a Sunday after church?

As lockdown recedes, we are pleased that more people are coming through to St Peter’s Rooms after the morning service for coffee and a chat. It’s a great way to catch up with old friends, and to meet new people. This means we are looking for more people to join the coffee rota. If you’ve never done this, you could partner someone who has done it before – or just go for it!

There are always people around to give you a helping hand. Ask Anne or Bev if you would like more information about how it works. It’s a great way to get to know people and offer practical help. 

Bible reading at church services

Would you like to read in church and have never been asked? Or have you somehow slipped off the readers’ rota?
We would like as many different voices as possible to be heard so don’t be shy. We can talk you through it if you have never done anything like this before. All ages and abilities are very welcome.
Contact me if you would like to talk about it, or to get your name on the rota.
Anne Stirling
07999 862 035

Help for Ukraine

The Sunday services bucket collection to support the appeal for DEC Ukraine appeal raised a wonderful  £1142.26. Thank you to every one who gave so generously and to all those gave direct to the national appeal.    

What bothers us?

I suspect most of us have known times when a friend, or even family, has been going though real difficulties that they haven’t mentioned. “Why didn't you tell me?” we implore “maybe I could have helped, walked with you through it, prayed…?” We know that sometimes people cope better alone, but too often we hear those dreaded words – “I didn’t want to bother you…”
This is something that haunts us as Ministry team. Far too many times we have discovered that even those deeply part of our church family have hesitated to let us know that they’re ill, or in hospital, or going through any sort of struggle. Not wanting to ‘bother’ us, to take up time because we’re ‘busy’, Yet what  matters most is you, all of you, and what distresses us is not being there for you, when we find out these things too late, after a visit or a safe place to talk might have helped, after the time when prayer would have been the most support.
So please, pick up the phone, send us a message, an email, whatever works best for you, when you feel it could help. And please, please let your family know how to get in touch with us. It’s lovely when friends let us know when someone is ill, but confidentiality doesn’t allow us to (for instance) put someone on our prayer list without the person’s permission or their immediate family.
God is faithful and always listens, but we all need each other too. So please contact one of the Ministry team – whoever you feel would be easiest for you – and we will do our best. Not perfectly, but always with love.
The Ministry Team

Coffee ShopMay nl St Johns

St John’s Coffee Shop is opening for the summer season again this coming Saturday 30 April.
Opening times are Saturday 10.30am - 4pm and Sunday 12.30pm - 4pm.
Come along and enjoy a barista coffee and delicious homemade cake whilst enjoying the view under a parasol, you will be made most welcome!
 Addlington Coffee 5
Our friendly volunteer baristas are on hand to help you with your choice of the different coffees we have available and variety of cakes.
If you have any spare time on your hands and would wish to join our team on occasions you will be so welcomed.

Many lasting friendships have been established from last season between the volunteers. Come along and join the fun, you’ll be glad you did


Church Electoral Roll

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will take place on Sunday 1 May and the Church Electoral has to be revised prior to this date.  A copy can be seen at the back of Church and all parishioners are asked to check their details and notify a Church Warden or the Parish Office of any error.  Adding your name to the roll gives you authority to vote on church affairs but  does not place any obligation on you.  However it is also an important demonstration of your commitment and support for the Church’s principles, particularly during these challenging times.   Application forms can be obtained from the Welcomers or the Church Wardens.  It is a requirement of everyone holding a church office to be on the electoral roll. 

Financial Support

April was the start of the new tax year, and a good time to think about your financial support of Church and, if able, make an annual uplift to your giving. Most of our Church income comes from the congregation, through planned giving. Planned giving helps the church budget, helps manage finances and can be done in tax-efficient ways.

If you would like to know more about supporting the Church financially, do talk to Pauline Rhoades (Stewardship Recorder) or Clive Hammond (Treasurer) both of whom will keep in confidence anything you share with them.

Hope Centre - need for Volunteers

Mary-Ann Brooks, the new Manager, has highlighted that The Hope Centre urgently needs some additional volunteers. Volunteers can give as little as two hours on each occasion and would be expected to be waiting on and clearing tables, making coffee, doing some light cleaning and handling the cash register. Experience is not essential as appropriate training and support will be provided. Anyone who is interested in knowing more should contact Mary-Ann at the Hope Centre email:; or by phone: 01625 404384.

Diary for May

Mondays:                           Morning prayer 9.00am St Peter's Rooms
Monday 9th:                     Mothers' Union at 2.00pm

Tuesdays:                          Morning Prayer at 9.00am Zoom Code 503 346 024 and Passcode 793684     

Wednesdays:                    Holy Communion 10.30am
Wednesday 4th  
              Bible Study at 8.00pm St Peter's Rooms 

Thursdays:                         Morning Prayer at 9.00am. Zoom Code 859 930 994
Thursday 12th & 26th
    Pram Service at 10.15am St Peter's 

Fridays:                              7.45pm Choir Practice 

Prayer Resources

prayer b3


Open for Prayer

Church is open for prayer from 9.00am to 3.15pm each day during the week, for those who would like a space to pray or to light a votive candle.

Prayer focus:

For the Peace of the World

Kyrie Confession
Lord Jesus, you wept over the sins of your city.
On our city/town/nation: Lord, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Lord Jesus, you heal the wounds of sin and division, jealousy and bitterness.
On us: Christ, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.

Lord Jesus, you bring pardon and peace to the sinner.
Grant us peace: Lord, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Almighty God,
from whom all thoughts of truth and peace proceed:
kindle, we pray, in the hearts of all, the true love of peace
and guide with your pure and peaceable wisdom
those who take counsel for the nations of the earth
that in tranquillity your kingdom may go forward,
till the earth is filled with the knowledge of your love;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

Those who have asked for prayermay nl core

Tony Mackenzie
Roger Bolton
Peter Brough

Those who have died

Derek Holford
Freda Clowes
Leslie Lewis
Michael Hine

Closing Thought

One of many of the unexpected impacts of Covid over the last two years, has been how it has shaped us as Church into being focused on processes. We have had to repeatedly ask ourselves how we might safely plan and implement any particular activity.  Are we following the guidelines? complying with the rules? Because failure to do so, to act without due care, not only would put people at risk but would be a failure to demonstrate God's love for individuals. Our focus and concern for people was about looking after them, keeping them connected and most importantly keeping them safe.

Now we are moving on from Covid we need also to move from being process-focused and back to being people-focused, in a wider variety of ways - concentrating less on how we do things and more about, what we do and who can do things.

God calls all of us to use our gifts and skills in his service. Are there areas in church life where you were involved before the pandemic - maybe reading, welcoming, chalice, coffee, youth work, hospital service, choir, sacristan, holy duster, young church...? Activities which stopped happening or that you stopped doing during the pandemic, that you now are ready to get back involved in?

Perhaps you are looking for new challenges or new areas of ministry or are new to Church life and wondering how to get involved. Perhaps you are asking bigger questions of vocation and service. Some areas and opportunities are mentioned in the newsletter above with details of the contact person. For other areas of established ministry talk to any of the Ministry Team (names and photos are on the notice board in the south porch if needed).

It might be that God is calling you to do or be a part of something new or something different: in a similar way to the launch of the church Coffee Shop at St John's Adlington being in response to God's answer to prayer.

It is said that Church thrives when it sees where God is at work in the world, and joins in. After two years of the opposite with the world setting the priorities for God's people, it's time for us to seek God's will afresh.

The hard work, love, care and generosity of many church members over the last two years has produced a wonderful array of 'spiritual blossom': new people, new initiatives and new ways of connecting with people. Our mission is to turn the blossom of fresh hope into a harvest of fruitfulness.