Traffic light system for services 

What will it be like if I come to church now the regulations have been replaced by guidelines?

The Services are colour coded and the difference between the Services is now greater than it was. At every service those welcoming on the door will be masked, track and trace will be in operation and we will increase ventilation by opening additional doors where and when we can.

At Green Services: Social distancing will be maintained and the expectation is that with the occasional exception everyone will wear masks throughout the service, there will be no singing, either by the congregation, choir or music group.

At Orange Services: Social distancing and mask wearing will be required by those sitting in the South side of the Church (the pulpit side). There will be singing led by choir or music group and the congregation are welcome to join in. Those wishing to sing can do so without masks but need to be seated on the the North side of the main aisle. At CoRe masks will be worn throughout the Service including when singing.

At Red Services there is no guarantee of space for social distancing or mask wearing. There will be singing lead by the music group. Those wishing to do so may wear masks.

Peter Whitham, 17/10/2020