The birth of a child is often a time when we are most aware of the mystery of creation. A unique new life with all the promise and potential that each one holds; a time of rejoicing and thanksgiving.

As we bring our children for baptism, we are acknowledging God’s love for us, and offering him our faith, our thanks and our trust in Jesus Christ. At baptism we welcome the child to become one with the family of God, now and forever.

From 30 August we will be able to offer baptisms again, and these will all take place in the morning worship at 10.30am on Sunday at St Peter's. Your first step is to come to church at any of the services (see WORSHIP) and the Vicar will give you a baptism card. When you have filed that in, just drop it into the Parish Office and we’ll get in touch.

God our Creator,
we thank you for the wonder of new life
and for the mystery of human love.
We give thanks for all whose support and skill
surround and sustain the beginning of life
As Jesus knew love and discipline within a human family,
may these children grow in strength and wisdom.
As Mary knew the joys and pains of motherhood,
give these parents your sustaining grace and love
through Jesus Christ our Lord.