Evening light into church
The funeral for a loved one is our opportunity to acknowledge our grief, and to express that love – by celebrating their life and entrusting them into God’s eternal care. In normal times funerals are held in church, followed by cremation or burial in a burial ground. Our churchyard is unable to take new burials, only existing family plots where there is sufficient depth. Ministers also take funerals at the crematorium.

At this time of Coronavirus things are different. We can hold funerals in church again, but we're restricted to thirty people attending, following social distancing. We realise how painful that can be and it is a sorrow for us all, being restricted the support we can offer. and knowing as we do the immense comfort a funeral may provide.

Nevertheless whatever the situation, God is faithful, and never abandons us. We are still currently able to conduct funerals for those in our parish or those in the wider area who are part of church. Please contact the Vicar, your funeral director or the Parish Office.

We can also arrange memorial services.

Heavenly Father
you have not made us for darkness and death,
but for life with you forever.
Without you we have nothing to hope for,
with you we have nothing to fear.
Plant in us now that most glorious gift of love,
that we may live out our days trusting in your goodness, and in the light and peace of your presence
through Jesus Christ our Lord.