Lenten Reflections: Week 1

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If you had become a Christian in the 4th century your baptism on Easter Sunday would have been preceded by a period of preparation including teaching, prayer and fasting before you were plunged into baptismal waters on the day the church celebrated the resurrection of Christ. It is believed that this period of instruction is the origin of what we know as Lent.

Although no longer linked with Easter baptisms, the idea of Lent as a period of preparation for Holy Week and the celebration of Easter is still very much alive.

As part of our journey through Lent this year we will be using a series of reflections called ‘On the Bible’s Back Roads’ looking at some of the Bible’s minor (but not unimportant) characters. Some of them you may never heard of but as you read and reflect on their stories you will recognise aspects of your own life as well as the society and world that we live in today.

Their stories are included in Scripture because they throw light on the truth of what God has done for us in Jesus. I hope you find them helpful as part of your Lenten journey.
Rob Green

Ash Wednesday: February 17th: Cain
Thursday February 18th: Lot
Friday February 19th: Hagar and Ishmael
Saturday February 20th: Melchizedek

Peter Whitham, 01/02/2021